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Welcome to the homepage of Bridges Foundation!
Our foundation was registered by the Hajdú-Bihar County Court, Hungary, in 2006. The members of our Advisory Board are: Tamás Szunyoghy, Certified Clinical Psychologist, Dr József Dávid, psychiatrist and Gábor Ulveczki.
Our goals are:
- to rehabilitate people with mental and social challenges and help them readapt to society, to improve the quality of their life by individual counselling and group sessions
 - to improve the equality of opportunity of women and the roma
- to rehabilitate the working ability of mentally or physically challenged people living on disability support pension and facilitate their employment 
Tamás Szunyoghy
Head of the Advisory Board, Certified Clinical Psychologist
Curriculum Vitae
Name:                                  Tamás Szunyoghy 
Place and Date of Birth:         Nyíregyháza 1948.09.06.
Address:                              H-4025 Debrecen Hatvan u.1/c Fsz.3.
Phone:                                 +36-20 975-4197
Email :                               
2000- present      Debrecen City Health Services 
1995-2000          SHM Psychological, Training and Advising Deposit 
1993-1995          TITÁSZ Human Resources Director
1980-1993          University of Debrecen, Medical and Health Science   
                        Center,  Neurology and Psychiatric Clinics
1972-1975          HÁÉV
1967-1972          National Ambulance Service

1993                  Ausbildung zum Management -Trainer (OWZ Bayern,
1993                  Postgraduate Diploma in Human Relations
1983                  Clinical Psychologist Certificate (Medical Traning Centre,
1975-1980          University of Debrecen, MA in Psychology
1963-1967          Protestant High School of Debrecen,
                        Frigyes Korányi High School
Dr József Dávid
Member of the Advisory Board, Psychiatrist
Curriculum Vitae
Name:                          Dr József Dávid
Place and Date of Birth:   Hajdúszoboszló, 1965. 10. 18. Address:                       H-4030 Debrecen, Budai Ézsaiás u. 65.
Phone:                         +36-70 365-8575 
Email:                            katijoee@t-online.hu
2005 december:     Debrecen City Health Services, Adult Psychiatric
1997-2005             Debrecen City Health Services, Neurosis
                            Consulting Unit
1996-1997             County Hospital, Berettyóújfalu, Psychiatric Unit
1994-1995             Psychiatric Home, Szerencs
1994                     Hoechst Hungary Ltd
1992-1993             University of Debrecen, Medical and Health
                           Science Center, Psychiatric Clinics
1990-1992             County Hospital, Berettyóújfalu, Psychiatric Unit
1997                     Certification in Adult Psychiatry
1984-1990             University of Debrecen
                           Medical and Health Science  Center,  General
                           Practitioners Certificate
1980-1984             Endre Hőgyes High School, Hajdúszoboszló 
Bridges Foundation / Hidak Alapítvány
Budai Ézsaiás u. 65.
H-4030 Debrecen
(+36-20) 975-4197